Map your feeds!
Create your own embeddable RSS locator applications! rssmapper analyses RSS feeds and derives location information for every update. See where things are happening, and easily share your maps by adding them to your website in just a few clicks.

See these examples of new ways to explore your world with rssmapper :

  • Headlines
    Create your own map of current news. Embed your own topic-specific maps on your blog or website.
  • Natural Disasters
    Track natural disasters such as earthquakes, hurricanes or volcanic activity in near real time on a map.
  • Health
    Monitor health news from around the world. Allow your readers to visualize global health reports and status updates using publicly available feeds.
  • Sports
    Follow all sports news – results, analyses or events – or track your favorite team’s travels on a map.
  • Travel
    Monitoring travel deals? Enhance your research with a map. In the travel business? Display your travel packages on a map and embed it on your website.
  • GeoRSS
    There are an increasing amount of publicly available GeoRSS feeds out there. Pick out your favorite ones and map them!

  • Access your RSS or GeoRSS feeds on a map
  • Easily share your maps using the embed HTML code
  • … See where things are happening!